Our aim is to take responsibility on using the natural resources effectively to be able to provide sustainable enviroment.

Main objectives of our enviromental policy :

  • Being informed and informative by following the legal enviromental rules and obligations.

  • To investigate and use the less harmful technologies for the enverioment.

  • Keeping enviromental awareness during our constructinal desing and operating our business.

  • Keeping our suppliers ,co-workers,public,visitors and customers informed at all times about protecting the natural resouces.

  • Seperating and recycling waste at its source to be able to prevent minimize the possible polution .

  • Taking actions to reduce our electric ,water and oil consumption in order to constantly improve on our policy .

  • Taking actions to prevent any health and safety hazards to be able to run a health ,safety and enviroment circle in harmony.

We do our very best to reduce and minimize the possible harm to the enviroment and will will continue to do so at all times.

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Liberty Fabay Hotel aim to increase the brand value and guest satisfaction which constitutes the strategic plan of the hotel chain, to spread and develop their brand , to provide the best service in every area and to continuously improve it.

In this direction our organisation ;

  • Aims to provide our guests with quality products and services that are safe for human health by educating all our employees and incorporating them into the Quality and Food Security Management System, keeping guest satisfaction over everything within the framework of national and international legal requirements,

  • Comply with both legal and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed food safety requirements,

  • Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the quality and food safety management system to ensure and maintain the necessary improvements,

  • We have adopted the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Management System standards with all our employees and fulfilled their requirements and we are working together with our suppliers and subcontractors to implement and meet the requirements of the standards to continuously improve our management systems,

  • By improving our management systems in line with the determined targets, our goal is to be able to achieve , that our guests will choose our country and hotel again,

  • Identifying and meeting the wishes and expectations of our guests, employees and stakeholders, performing joint improvement activities,

  • Make progressive improvements by following technological innovations,

  • To create appropriate working environments for our employees and lead them at all levels to include them into management,

  • We commit to raise awareness in every part of the society by conducting trainings and cultural activities for continuous development and aim to develop institutional culture in this way.

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To work under the legal requırements and wıth our own rısk analysıs to provıde safe work envıronment for our employees and wıthın the same guıdelınes offer our guests the best qualıty of health and safety ın our hotel. To be able to achıeve our objectıves we wıll traın our staff and teach them the ımportance of preventıon and self awareness to ımprove our standards of health and safety.

Our slogan ıs ‘keep well, keep your job’

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Liberty Fabay hotel undertakes to establish positive relations with the local community, not to discriminate against age, gender, race among its employees, to develop the local people socially and economically, and to work with local suppliers to support the local economy.

For this purpose;

  • Most products used in our hotel are obtained from our region and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced

  • The rooms are named after employees’ children who were born while their parents were working at Liberty Fabay

  • Employees in need are supported by Liberty Friendship Market created with the contribution of our guests and employees.

  • For each professional worker that our employee brings to us he/she gets a gold award.

  • Liberty Fabay Hotel develops the region

  • “Liberty Leave” is given to each employee who starts their 2nd season.

  • Employees can work wearing their team’s jersey the day after their favourite team won an important match.

  • Employee motivation is increased by organizing entertainment activities and parties during the season.
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  • Shoes should not be entered into the mosque, women should wear a headscarf, and food and drink should not be brought in.
  • Artifacts exhibited in museums should not be touched or damaged. Video and photo should not be taken in prohibited sections, written or verbal rules should be followed.
  • The ancient city areas should not be destroyed, the areas under the protection zone should not be entered, and the environment should not be polluted.
  • Picnics should not be taken at natural landmarks and forests, fires should not be lit, garbage should not be thrown on the ground and warning signs should be heeded.
  • Hunting must be done in accordance with the laws and rules determined for hunting. Wildlife and natural life must be respected.
  • Tarihi eser alım satımı gerekli izin ve belgeler olmadan yapılmamalıdır. Yasadışı alım satım yapılmamalıdır.
  • The purchase and sale of historical artifacts should not be done without the necessary permits and documents. Illegal trading should not be done.
  • By the civil law of republıc of turkey markets and shops are not allowed  to sell any alcohol between 22:00-06:00
  • By the civil law of republıc of turkey under 18’s not allowed  to drınk and purchase alcohol.

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