We have meticulously completed all of the preventive measures for you to enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable holiday. On this page you can review the Covid-19 measures we have implemented at our hotel.

Dear Guests,

In the current period, we act with the responsibility of providing you with the highest hygiene and safety conditions as well as a peaceful holiday.

We have been working with great determination and responsibility for a while to protect the health and safety of our guests and our hotel staffs to ensure that our guests can have holiday with the utmost pleasure.

We act with the awareness that it is of great importance to fully implement these processes as well as to take measures regarding cleaning and hygiene.- We are meticulously implementing new standards in all our hotels minimise risks, by fully implementing the measures taken by the relevant legal institutions, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In this context; we work with official authorities and supplier companies. Within this framework, in addition to the hygiene training of our hotel staffs, new technologies are used for hotel disinfection; we are updating our current operations, training plans and emergency action plans.


Door cards are hygienically presented to our guests with their disinfected and protected cases.

All operations that may require contact during Check-in and Check-out are carried out following the safe physical distance regulations.

During the entrance to the facility, our guests are tested for fever and asked to fill out a “Guest Health Declaration Form”.

In necessary cases, it is ensured that our guests are referred to health institutions.

Suitcases and other items are disinfected and taken into the facility and sent safely to our guests' rooms.

All our guests can receive service from our special teams who are available 24/7 at the hotel during their holiday.

All guests entering the hotel are welcomed and the necessary information about travel stories is received. All guests entering the hotel are welcomed and the necessary information about travel stories is received. All transfer vehicles are cleaned and disinfected with chemical products approved by the Ministry of Health.

Personal protective equipment” such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and Cologne are used by transfer officers and necessary precautions are taken.

Safe distance ranges are shown at the entrances and exits of our hotels, and our guests are directed to safe resting areas during waiting.

Common Areas

The placement of all furniture, sun loungers, tables and chairs in the guest common areas is organised within the scope of social distancing regulations.

A reservation system is applied in SPA areas to ensure,safe use of areas such as; hammam, sauna , massage units, gym ; cleaning of areas and equipment ensured with hygiene material in accordance with the standards after each use.

Common areas reserved for children are used based on social distancing regulations within the facility are under the supervision of trained staff and the equipment is disinfected frequently.

The grey buckets are placed in our hotel for masks,gloves and personal hygienic equipments.

A reservation system is applied to ensure safe use of Mını Club.

A suitable child guests are accepted. Cleaning of common areas and equipment is ensured after each use within hygiene materials following the hygiene standards.

Elevator usage capacities are limited to only family members and people who do not know each other can board in accordance with the same time.

The frequency of cleaning all common areas has been increased and checklists are followed by staffs.

Room keys,door handles,elevator buttons,restrooms in common areas,rails and common areas are deep cleaned appropriate material and disinfected with the UVL device.

In all the common areas, hand sanitisers are readily available.


All the guest rooms including the furnitures that are frequently contacted are cleaned and disinfected by chemicals that are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Throughout your stay in our accommodation all the guest room are cleaned routinely by housekeeping staff.

All bed linen, towels and bathrobes are washed on a high temperature setting.

Masks and hand sanitiser are available in the guest rooms for the use of our guests.

Our guests can be assured that when change over of guests happens the whole of the guest room and facilities are deep cleaned and disinfected using all appropriate material after which the UVL device is used.

Apart from the particular disinfecting materials that is only allowed to be used by the staff you will find the sanitary products readily available in our guest rooms.


The cleaning of the pools is carried out following chemical values that will not cause any infection.

All sun loungers, sun lounge cushions, beaches, pools, pavilions are processed to cleaning and disinfection processes before and after use.

Sun loungers in indoor pool, outdoor pool and beaches are adjusted according to the safe physical distancing regulations.

Beach and pool towels are provided to the guests in sealed bags by the staff on duty.


Seating in all restaurants and bars is arranged in an open air, comfortable and spacious environment following the social distancing regulations.

General cleaning of restaurants and cleaning of table chairs, benches,

buffets and all other materials are duly performed and disinfected at the beginning and end of the service.

All the restaurants and bars are carefully cleaned and disinfected.

With room service options, our guests are offered the opportunity to eat safely in their rooms.

Our restaurant services, as always, it is carried out with care and diligence from table intervals to production and service speed.

In addition to the standards we always apply in terms of food safety, our catering service from open buffets is provided by the kitchen staff.

Our tables, chairs and service equipments are specially disinfected for our guests, with a reliable healthy eating and drinking service is provided.

Our guests are offered a reliable and healthy eating and drinking service by the application of food dome service in room services.

All of our products that we offer or produce are purchased from reliable suppliers. It is accepted and recorded after all necessary control and disinfection processes.

Service from tea, coffee and beverage machines are carried out by our staff.


Public areas such as housing and cafeterias in the employee- owned facility are frequently deep cleaned and disinfected with chemical products.

Hand sanitiser is used in all common areas of employee.

The placement of all furniture, tables and chairs in the areas used by employees are rearranged within the scope of social distancing regulations. Employees are ensured to act and be informed according to the safe physical distance regulations in their relations with the guests and among themselves.

In possible cases, action plans will be carried out.

The employees are trained by specialist companies and medical teams and these trainings are repeated continuously.

The transfer vehicles used by the employees in and out of work are disinfected and recorded before and after each service.

The use of protective masks for employees during transfer is ensured.

Employees are subjected to general health screening before recruitment and daily temperature measurements are made on a daily basis.

It is ensured that employees that are functioning in the background such as housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production areas and dishwashers wear masks and disposable gloves.

We would like to share with happiness that we have taken the highest level of hygiene and security measures in all areas so that you can feel safe as you are at home and have your holiday freely during the whole process you are with us.

We are ready to offer a safe and healthy holiday and we invite you to discover freedom.


We have implemented all of the necessary health and safety measures under the supervision of experts. In this unique setting away from everyone, we anticipate you will enjoy a safe and healthy holiday.

You can complete the check-in process online before you arrive at our hotels.

The body temperature of our employees and your body temperature will be taken when you first arrive, at the security gate and when you enter the main restaurant in the evening.

We have located hand santizers throughout our hotel so that you can disinfectant your hands at all times.

We promote safe social distancing in all areas.

We clean your rooms by complying with all hygiene regulations.

We provide you with single use disposable cups, face masks and wet wipes.

The dishes prepared by our chefs are served to you in a hygienic manner.

We have thought of everything so that you can enjoy a healthy culinary experience.

We take regular pool readings and pools are disinfected in order to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

We carry out and implement safe social distance practices to protect you on the beach and we make frequent checks and controls.


We use single use glasses and unopened bottles at all of our bars and outlets where drinks are consumed.

The central air conditioning system and air conditioning units are regularly disinfected. All rooms and common public areas are ventilated by natural means.
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