Aerobic Activities

Tranquil, calm and peaceful. Yoga enthusiasts, who have previous experience or starting out for the first time. All of our resident guests along with our professional instructors can begin their day by taking part in yoga activities on our specially designed yoga platform set within an idyllic an stunning pine forests and the calming sounds of the sea and birds.

Our courses have been devised for those who aim to improve spinal health and increasing body balance which will satisfy participants of all levels. Our Pilates trainers look forward to meeting you for lessons at the aerobics venue situated on the beach.

We will ensure you begin your day by targeting specific muscle groups, we will increase your muscles flexibility and functionality. For our sports enthusiasts guests, do not forget to try out this special class.

Body Work Out
Cardio, strength and endurance ...we have combined these lessons into one activity. At these lessons, our sports/fitness enthusiasts will begin their day by vigorously sweating, gaining strength and of course having plenty of fun as they using their body weight, dumb-bells and bars. Our friendly instructors/trainers look forward to meeting you at our Aerobics venue.

Dance Classes

Latin Dance

Sports Activities

Beach Volleyball
We currently have within our resort complex two volleyball courts (8 by16 and 9 x 18 meters) as well as top of the range volleyball equipment for our guests enjoyment. Whether you are participating in a game or just watching an exciting match by the sidelines, our resident entertainments team stage matches
We have 2 hard surface tennis courts.

Table tennis

Pool Activities

Water Gymnastics 
Ideal workouts for guests who do not want to exert too much energy during their holiday yet still want to be in close proximity to the pool activities. You will enjoy plenty of fun as our instructors challenge you by using water resistance. We look forward to seeing you at the Main Pool.

Pool Games
Sometimes there will be team games, individual games, games with surf-boards, or games using inflatable objects. The entire entertainments team will stage a host of entertaining games ensuring you will not get bored. Whether you are participating in our games or watching the contests from the comfort of your sun lounger, the most entertaining moments of the day begins in the main pool. 
Water Zumba
This is a completely different water gymnastics activity. By using the waters resistance to perform your movements, our instructors will teach you the unique water zumba choreography which is easy to learn and follow. The meeting point is the main pool.

Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre with its fully refurbished equipment awaits you. Our guests who want to enjoy an active holiday will appreciate our fitness centre with well acclimatised structure. Our instructors will be available to answer your questions and offer you further assistance. Do not forget to pack your sportswear and training shoes in your suitcase.


What would you say to enjoying your favourite drink at the main bar as you attempt to hit the bulls-eye or a perfect score of 180? This world-wide popular Pub game is made even more entertaining and enjoyable by our entertainments team. Come and join us in a game of darts and only the champion will wear the special winners medal.

Backgammon sets are available from the Guest relations desk. Our entertainments team stage weekly backgammon tournaments for our guests who are confident in their backgammon abilities.
Get your chess sets and start to think. The most challenging aspect will be to decide in which tranquil and enchanting corner of our resort complex you choose to sit at.

Card Games
Board Games

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